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Saving for Summer Camp

Are your kids running in all directions?  Wanting to be involved in every camp?

Camp can get expensive.  If you are having trouble meeting that large

expense all at one time, start saving now for next year. 

This article explains more.



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E.O. - Tunkhannock PA says: [In response to logistically coordinating manual funds between three locations, I received the following:] Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! You are absolutely the best!

R.W. - says: When my wife had a stroke we could not have imagined the workload we faced to deal with the multiple agencies and services of help.... Julianne has been at our side walking us through the maze of bureaucracy and confusion. We have been well-served by this relationship. We recommend her to those in similar circumstances.

M.E. - Tunkhannock PA says: "I'm so glad I saw you today; I feel better now that I spoke with you."

R.A. - Tunkhannock PA says: "It's always such a pleasure seeing you and knowing you can take care of this."