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About Julianne Miller

Julianne Miller, AFC® is an Accredited Financial Counselor and Daily Money Manager who is dedicated to helping clients learn how to manage their finances by learning new skills or letting someone else manage it for them. After years of watching clients struggle with their bills and paperwork, Julianne realized there must be someone who can help clients manage their finances and organize the files. She found a home in the Association for Daily Money Managers . Daily money managers help clients manage those bills, organize the files and so much more. But that still wasn't enough.

Who teaches the clients how to budget, or save, or choose insurance? How do they know how to choose a reputable mortgage company or monitor their credit? It was in financial counseling where Julianne learned that some things must be taught. And so the Association for Financial Counselors and Planning Education provided the path she would take to assist clients in counseling and education.

Julianne enjoyed a number of years in human resources, administrative services, and as an accounting paraprofessional. In all of those years, she was frequently sought out as a confidante, teacher, organizer and dedicated professional. Clients trusted her with their paperwork, with their family history, with their private information. A listening ear, a wealth of knowledge, a dedicated provider of information, Julianne provided the comfort they needed during those times when their lives were in flux.

And so Life Money Management was born. Julianne knows that to enjoy life to the fullest; managing your money should be the least of your worries.

Give Julianne a call and learn how she can help you manage your finances.

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